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Numa 将来 (Shourai) Productions

Numa is refreshing, positively unexpected and brings you to other dimensions.

Who are we?

We are two ambitious friends Numa & Esteban, who created “Numa 将来 (Shourai) Productions”, a forward thinking music label with a global network of talented artists. “Shourai” is the Japanese word for “future”, and so is our mindset. Both of us bring a certain business experience with us, which significantly helped us building a solid company foundation. 

Our pilot project is Numa, a young dynamic artist with a refreshing and emotional sound. In the near future, we are planning to sign more talented artists. 

Therefore we are always looking for motivated, creative collaborators to work with us. Our goal is to create a space where the artist can focus on making art while we are expanding their social media reach as well as their network opportunities.

Numa 将来 (Shourai) Productions is divided into 3 areas: music, art and technology, which each symbolise one of our core competencies.




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Our mission is to release high quality electronic music. We mainly achieve this with a distinguished selection of instruments by our artist. For Numa’s previous album “Affen im Osten” he worked closely with Berlin based sound engineer Dan Meyer, who is specialized  in analog mixing and mastering. Aside from supporting our collaborators we are providing unique music to companies and organizations in need of signature soundtracks for their personal brand or products.

The second division “Art” deals with the visualization of our music. Head of design is Vietnam based artist, Sang Tan Lam. He has created all our album covers since the first release and he is responsible for the design of the Numa branding concept. 

Furthermore, we have been working with German filmmaker and director Julian Kaufmann to create high quality music videos, event after-movies, as well as interesting behind the scenes documentaries.

We are engaged in innovative business processes that ensure a smooth collaboration with all of our team members around the world. Today’s digital possibilities allow us short communication paths, as well as a clearly arranged company structure. 

In addition, the rise of NFTs has caught our attention, and we welcome it with open arms. Our artwork is available on NFT trading platforms, and we are currently working on constructing a roadmap to bring you benefits with each purchase.

our vision / mission:


We are an international music label with a focus on helping other talented artists flourish while we are taking care of the rest.


Our partners are respected and treated equally regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, identity or race. Aside from this, we contribute to the global sustainability goals. All employees in our company have the freedom to work from any corner of the globe. This remote work system allows us to reduce our CO2 impact while boosting productivity and our employee’s mental wellness.