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Get to know our artist

My name is Numa...

…and I’m a Berlin based electronic music producer from Basel, Switzerland as well as the Co-Founder of Numa 将来 (Shourai) Productions. Ever since I started creating music at the age of 15 because of a school project, I aimed to fuse emotional melodies and chord progressions with electronic elements. My mission as an artist is to let my audience dive into a deep emotional universe of electronic music where you can completely let yourself go and forget about daily life for a moment.




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The beginnings

Inspired by extraordinary electronic artists like “The Blaze”, “Paul Kalkbrenner” and initially Norwegian producer “Kygo”, I fell in love with the sound of synthesisers and the idea of creating music that is based on strong feelings and emotions. Playing the drums for over 10 years was a blessed experience for me that would benefit me in all of my future projects. 

The story continues

5 years later in 2020 I showed my music to a friend who saw potential in my songs and asked me why I wouldn’t release my music on streaming platforms. His motivating words started giving me more confidence about what I’ve been doing for some years. At that moment I decided to make my music accessible for everyone!

Becoming a professional

In 2021 I have started my studies as a sound engineer in Berlin with the goal to turn my passion into a real profession. This 3-year bachelor’s degree is an exciting balance to my previous business education. Besides that, it gives me the opportunity to study in one of the most historical and cultural cities in the world where I am able to meet so many talented artists and interesting personalities.