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As It was - listen to the new re-interpretation

Numa is back with a cover of Harry Styles that completes his musical journey back to the 80s. The concept behind it was to imagine what “As It Was” by Harry Styles would sound like if it had been released in the 80s. For the re-interpretation of the vocals, no one could have been better suited than Mateo Lossy, a talented singer from the French colonial island of La Réunion.

The re-interpretation of a legendary anthem

Creating a cover is a highly sensitive matter, because it should at the same time represent the original but also add something new to it. This is why I wanted to create my very own interpretation of this song. And who could have been a better singer and music video producer than the talented “On est Somewehre” from La Réunion Island with her French charme. Take a listen yourself or watch the beautiful and tropical music video!


This track was written on a rainy Berlin Autumn day. The original idea quickly developed into a catchy tune and with the addition of Sivilian’s beautiful voice it was clear that this was going to be a very special project for everyone involved. Besides the warm and emotional syntesizers, one thing in particular could not be missing: a fat electric guitar solo. And who could be better suited for this than Felix Löhr, a true master of his craft!

Music by numa

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