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Affen im Osten

Album release on July 29, 2022

The result of this album is expressed in 12 electronic songs, created by the two Swiss producers Numa & RWBeatz.

All the music pieces of this album have been influenced by the historical atmosphere of East-Berlin, where the majority of inspiration for this album has its origin. Despite the experimentation of different musical genres contained in «Affen im Osten», all songs have something in common: A unique interplay of vintage synthesisers, drum machines and the sound of acoustic elements that bring the songs to life.

«Affen im Osten» was released under «Numa 将来 (Shourai) Productions», their independent label founded by Numa and his friend Esteban in 2021. They established a young dynamic team consisting of talented artists and motivated business partners to cover areas such as design, marketing, filmmaking, social media, etc. Their focus stands on releasing high quality electronic music while working sustainably with all their collaborators around the world.

To ensure a high-end product with a pleasurable listening experience, Numa & RWBeatz teamed up with Dan Meyer, an experienced mixing engineer with artistic roots in Berlin. The album is available on all major streaming platforms (e.g., Spotify, Apple Music, Dezer, Youtube,etc.).

With the track Code Red also comes the music video recorded in Berlin, which was performed by Brazilian actress Natalia Lengarth. The theme of the video deals with the so common social media addiction of these days. The fictional character goes through a life-changing process of transformation and learns to enjoy the beauty of life to the fullest. 

In addition to the music video, a short documentary was released, which deals with the creation and inspiration behind the album. Additionally it gives insights about the close collaboration with Berlin Sound Engineer Dan Meyer.

“This album is for everyone who enjoys emotional dance music. We want to take advantage of the diverse music culture of Berlin as we are a part of the immigrant scene, with the goal of uniting cultures with our art, while being inspired from the city itself. Ultimately, we also want to leave our mark on the Swiss music market as rising Swiss artists.”

Numa & RWBeatz