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Art is what words cannot describe

Most of our unique and alluring art pieces are conceptualised and designed by our talented graphic designer, Sang Steve. In a recent interview, he explains the creative process behind the fantastic artwork. 

With a blend of classic, modern and futuristic styles, he creates art that takes you into a strange world of imagination. Using modern technology, Sang is converting his hand-drawn drafts into appealing digital content using computer software. 

You might look at these images and think: “This artwork feels kind of vintage but at the same time modern”, and you are right! Sang gets much of his inspiration from the 80s, where they typically used many eye-catching colours and different shapes. But Sang does not stop there. In a third step he shapes his art from 2D into 3D images, which results in the unique and appealing pieces you can see here.

When asked what his artistic process looks like, Sang responded: “I often listen to Numa’s songs over and over again, this brings me from a draft to a finished version while always having the focus of music in front  of me”. Like that he doesn’t just design artwork; moreover he translates the feelings of Numa’s music into the colours and shapes that convey his emotions and perceptions in a way that words never can.